The Adventures of Moe

Adman by day, wannabe racecar driver by night.

I grew up hating Karachi. While my mom always told us we were going “home” for the summer, all I could think of was being away from the comfort of my air-conditioned bed, and having to spend time with my extended family who I barely knew. I thought about the smog & pollution, the fear that was instilled in us by our grandparents. “Don’t wear that watch, they’ll cut your hands off to steal it.” “Don’t talk too much when we’re out, people will know you’re a foreigner and kidnap you.” Yet over the years, I’ve developed a fondness for the city. Some people think it’s a dump, and want to escape to more “civilized” places such as Dubai. All I want to do is go back. The gritty, urban environment of one city has more character than most countries combined in my eyes. I now find myself longing for the day when “home” really does become home.